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How to fail-safe your wedding schedule.

Here's the trick to guaranteeing a fail-safe wedding schedule that every bride, groom, bridal party member or professional wedding planner can't afford not to know!

Your wedding day is not only a testament to your love — it's also a testament to your planning skills.

Warning: Get just one date wrong in the never-ending schedule of wedding planning tasks and:

  • Your groom could show up without a tux,
  • Flowers might never arrive, or
  • Your guests could be eating cupcakes instead of wedding cake.

It happens every day to some bride and groom …

An important deadline gets missed simply because the wrong date was circled on the calendar. The dressmaker said, "Eight weeks," but you accidentally counted nine.

Now the pressure is on to have your dress completed on time and you're getting charged rush fees.

But you don't need to carry a calendar with you everywhere you go. All you need is the Wedding Date Wheel to guarantee the fastest and easiest way to calculate your wedding deadlines.

The Wedding Date Wheel is the best way to instantly determine deadlines, no matter how far out they are.

Here's how it works…

Let's say your florist needs the final payment in six weeks.

1. Simply set the blue arrow on today's date.
2. Look at the number "6" on the "weeks" dial.
3. Your deadline date appears right above it!

You're done in 5 seconds, error free, and you never have to worry about carrying your calendar around with you!

There's no faster and easier way than the Wedding Date Wheel to calculate those important deadlines for:

  • Fittings,
  • Photography appointments,
  • Printing dates,
  • Final guest lists,
  • Transportation reservations, or
  • Any of the other important dates in your hectic wedding planning schedule.

You have enough to worry about without missing a critical deadline. Order your own Wedding Date Wheel today, or get one as a wedding shower gift for someone you love.

Better yet, keep everyone on the same page by ordering a Wedding Date Wheel for every person in the bridal party. That way the bride, groom, parents, best man and maid of honor will meet their scheduling commitments as well.

Even your professional Wedding Planner would appreciate the simplicity of this powerful tool!

The Wedding Date Wheel is easy to use, and it costs way less than the cost of missing a critical deadline.

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Special: Now only $8! Plus free shipping and handling!
(to USA and Canada addresses only.)

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License Agreement:
Date Wheels are for estimating purposes. They are not precise measuring devices and should not be relied on for exact calculations. All Date Wheels may have variations of 1-3 days in either direction. Customer agrees, by placing order, to accept these variations.

Buy the Wedding Date Wheel today and you’ll be organized for perfection.
It makes a great gift, too.

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